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Generally be from the FCC regulations. guaranteed the tire is chilly prior to inflating to • The TPMS cannot warn you to Operation is topic to the next the suggested force.

Do can Establish up underneath the fenders and inter- not use motor coolant or other sorts of fere Together with the steering.

Driving your auto For easy operation, depress the brake Transaxle ranges Warning pedal when shifting from N (Neutral) to the The indicator within the instrument cluster forward or reverse gear.

Maintenance Reset items (Ongoing) Things must be reset following the battery • Use eye safety when Look at- has long been discharged or perhaps the battery has ing the battery during charging.

There might be numerous leaks or your repair may not have sufficiently sealed the procedure. Determine any new leaks and repeat the procedure. Egg yolks and pepper are not intended to get permanent solutions to some radiator leak. Consider using a leak sealant or epoxy to confident up the repair as soon as you make it home.

HYUNDAI seller for information. ❑ Inspect suspension mounting bolts : Inspect for too much tappet sound and/or motor vibration and modify if nec- ❑ Inspect brake/clutch (if equipped) fluid essary.

Clean the radiator having a hose. It will probably be a lot easier to locate the leak inside your radiator after it’s clean of aged grime and coolant. Make use of a hose to spray the radiator and surrounding factors to help you know of course that any new coolant the thing is within the engine bay following You begin the vehicle has leaked since you washed it.

Instrument panel fuse panel Engine compartment fuse panel ✽ ✽ Recognize Not all fuse panel descriptions During this manual could possibly be relevant for your vehi- cle.

This method can be a supplemental technique that shows powering the car or CLICK To Investigate truck through the rearview Screen mirror even though backing-up.

Protection characteristics of your respective auto OLM039002 OLM039003 OLM039004 Seatback angle Seat cushion height (for driver’s seat) Front seat adjustment - guide To recline the seatback: To change the peak of the seat cushion, Ahead and backward push the lever that is found to the out- 1.

This technique is less trustworthy compared to industrial items You should use to permanently repair your radiator.

You can't defeat the price! Fantastic substitute from factory brakes. Item confirmed up in time and put in conveniently.

applicable about the tire sidewall of air force that should be place between tread shoulder and maxi-...

7. The level of charge in the battery can pension, system and wheels. be checked by a certified HYUNDAI • Cease driving and retighten the supplier or maybe a company station. chains any time you hear them...

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